About us

It's about lifestyle

When we were 17, we smelled like teen spirit, knew all the words to ’Hold on’ by Wilson Phillips, could occasionally do The Humpty Dance and were always ready to...stop...for some quality Hammer time. The Sundays, Pixies, and Sonic Youth were the sound track of our weekends as we tried to make denim overalls work, match flannel shirts with babydoll dresses and rocked super high waisted carrot top jeans with baggy Cherry Lane grandpa tees. We never missed an episode of Twin Peaks or 90210, hurtling towards adulthood was new and exciting, creativity was expressed through fashion and self awareness started to bloom.

20 Years of fashion industry experience

Today, even though we STILL know all the words to ’Hold on’, we have managed to put together a pretty impressive resume of fashion industry achievements, gained huge amounts of experience and worked with some of Australia’s leading denim and co-ordinate brands. In 2010 we came together, united by a passion for bespoke denim , high quality lifestyle co-ordinates and a desire to shake things up in the world of plus size fashion. We believe that fashion shouldn't judge, stereotype, ostracise, or exclude. To us, fashion is simply self-expression and is a means to enhance every lifestyle.

We get it

We value lifestyle wear and being an Australian Label we will always draw inspiration from the cities and beaches we have grown up in and love. Australian fashion is unique, exciting and made for outdoor good times. As a brand we have been well received internationally, with loyal customers from all over the world. Australia and New Zealand will continue to be our inspiration and we always hope to keep designing lifestyle wear for the women who have supported us from the beginning.

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